Immersive1st focuses on five impact areas where the need is greatest and our engagement most productive.   

Fundraising Solutions – immersive programs that meet community needs are powerful, and attract people who want to invest and invite others to join them.  We understand both the art and science of fundraising and can position the campaign, identify both emotional and practical levers to success and craft the go-to-market mechanics.  Our engagement enables you to ‘fish for yourself’ and develop sustainable long-term donor relationships.  So be it a feasibility study, annual, operational, capital, programmatic or legacy campaign – we can help. ​

Organizational Analysis - a period of reflection and review is important to the well-being and performance of organizations.  Stable times are ideal but frequently the need for dynamic support surfaces during crisis.  We can provide hands-on support and solutions for acute situational issues be they program, fundraising, human resource, volunteer related, marketing or operational.  Outside of turbulence we can develop strategic plans and/or undertake broad organizational analysis.  Our thoughtful and confidential process is designed to ensure you are growing, stable and successful.  

Innovative Program Design & Implementation - reasonable, achievable, fundable and sustainable (RAFS) are elements to be considered as an organization revamps an established portfolio or pushes to create new ones.  We evaluate either modality, facilitate ‘dreams and vision’ sessions, review the possibilities and then operationalize next steps in order to meet mission.  Immersive1st is here to ensure that the resulting outcomes are also flexible enough to shift with demand.  Let us help you explore opportunities to further leverage and/or create new ideas that ignite engagement. 

Training and Executive Coaching - success is dynamically linked to the quality and passion of the professionals and volunteers at the helm.  Ideally, ongoing investment in their skills should be an organizational norm.  We provide group training and/or executive coaching on issues such as fundraising, governance, organizational structure, supervision, social media and contemporary marketing/communication tools, public speaking, executive presence, career pathways/transition and acute organizational issues.  We understand the unique expectation of volunteers and professionals, and filter our training and coaching accordingly to ensure success.​

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