David Phillips became the Executive Director of Capital Camps when it was struggling. His vision created Capital Camps as a modern state of the art camp and retreat center. He raised millions of dollars in funds by engaging the leadership of the Washington and Baltimore communities. He connected the camp to the organized Jewish Community through strategic alliances, and through his leadership created one of the premier Jewish Institutions in the United States.
Leonard Robinson

CEO - New Jersey Y Camps

David is honest, smart, considerate and creative.  He is a consummate fundraiser who knows how to connect with donors. I would not hesitate to seek him out and bring him on board to help plan, vision, partner or teach. He brings an awareness to development and community building that is rare.
William A Meyer

President – The Meyer Companies

It is difficult if not impossible to say “no” to David Phillips. It is something in his unwavering sense of mission and optimism; his refusal to take no when yes is the correct answer; his sense of humor, warmth, energy, persistence.  Whatever David’s unique mix, it shows in significant and enduring accomplishments—monies raised, cultures redirected, organization potential replenished, and people’s hearts and minds turned toward the common good. 
Dr. Amy L. Sales, Senior Research Scientist, Center for Modern Jewish Studies, Brandeis University 

​​David has had front-line roles in program design and development, staff building, organizational rejuvenation, facilities design and management and fundraising.  He has taken orders and given them. He has actually delivered results!  As a consultant, he reflects on those experiences and brings boundless energy, a whip smart intellect, a social worker's listening skills, creativity and an attention to process.  The end result is something in which everyone feels ownership and which surpasses the original goal.

Josh Fidler

Co-Chairman - Chesapeake Realty Partners

Founding Chair - Pearlstone Retreat Center

Past Chair - Capital Camps & Retreat Center

David Phillips understands well and can execute the prerequisites for success in his work-related endeavors: gaining focus, obtaining alignment and driving intensity. He combines a keen intellect with passion for the human spirit. 
Dr. Jeffrey R. Solomon

President, Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies