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Presentation Topics

Tailor-Made Presentation and Training Topics

We work hard to ensure each presentation and/or training session is tailored to your exact needs.  The topics outlined here are samples of items that have been presented based on client/conference organizer requests.  

If there is a topic you would like to explore - get in touch.


     Presentation Reviews - 3rd party feedback

  • ​Great information and great presenter. Thank you.
  • An excellent presenter - and a worthy topic. Would like to see this offered again and marketed to board members - get them to join ACA and come to conference. Thank you!
  • Great topic and very helpful information!
  • David was excellent and a great presenter
  • Wish I had this training session a year ago. Great information.
  • Enjoyable, informative session.
  • Fantastic presentation!  Tons of useful information.  Thanks!  ACA - this presenter was really amazing and very valuable.  Suggest he be invited to speak again.
  • Very insightful.  Lots of practical information.
  • ​He was funny and knowledgeable. It was a fantastic and informative session. I was able to take a lot away
  • David was humorous and passionate about the fundamental need of fundraising. This session was more like a middle level session and I was needing beginner. Hopefully in the future David could speak to newly starting camp Director on how to begin.
  • Great session!
  • This is the best, most helpful session I have attended.
  • Speaker was fun and engaging.
  • Great practical tips for us less than enthusiastic camp directors/camp fundraisers. Particularly enjoyed his dry British humor delivery - fundraising via Monty Python!
  • This season was great! The  presenter was knowledgeable and entertaining. Great choice!
  • Excellent info and presentation!
  • Thank you for making a high pressure topic that many dread, a session with laughter
  • Excellent speaker and clearly very passionate about topic and promoting the orgs he helps.
  • Some good hints and good basic info presented with knowledge of how it works.
  • Great speaker, entertaining and informative.
  • Great points on fundraising that can work for all sizes and types of camps.
  • Awesome presentation. So glad I attended. Super engaging speaker
  • Great information and kept our attention
  • Good knowledge, great connectivity of subject.  Good road map.  Good humor, stories, examples.  Good energy – pacing & timely ending. 


  • Board and Professional relationships
  • Micro versus macro
  • Agenda building
  • Effective Board meetings
  • ​Board for ages and stages - a lifecycle approach to Board development


  • Art & Science
  • Capital project preparation and planning
  • Making the 'ask'
  • Have fun and raise money
  • The alchemy of fundraising
  • Fundraising for your future


  • The art of successful supervision
  • Effective evaluation
  • Formal supervision - clinical, managerial and external

Human Resource

  • Talented directors - understanding, attracting and retaining

Special Areas of Focus:

A.  Resident & Day Camping

  • The business of camp - tips, trends and hacks
  • Great and profitable camping - 3 ingredients not to dilute
  • Managing operations
  • Structure for success
  • The effective director - what does it take to run a successful camp


 B. Special Needs Services

  • Expanding Horizons in Special Needs – Are You Obligated to Include (and how!)
  • Inclusion programs - how to do it and make them work!

C.  Retreat Services

  • ​Retreat forward - how and should you leverage year-round use of your facility
  • Hospitality in the retreat setting - shifting the paradigm
  • Operations and the age of customer service

D.  Mental Health

  • Help - the for (and how to leverage) mental health services before, during and after camp