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Moves Management  is a fundraising strategy that depends on longer-term planning and is a great way to imagine the fundraising process. It pushes you to create a concrete donor recruiting strategy with specific steps (actions) rather than taking a fluid “let’s hope this happens” approach.  Immersive1st can put a robust moves management process in place, just reach out and lets talk. 

Public Speaking

The art of public speaking is exactly that - an art!  Many people believe it is something you 'just do'.  Experience suggests that preparation, planning, coaching and rehearsal time can significantly improve delivery and impact.  Immersive1st can help you overcome fears or trepidation and ensure your speaking engagement is a success, you feel great and the audience is impressed!

Speech Writing

Crafting the perfect narrative to communicate key items effectively leaving the audience wanting more can be challenging and stress inducing.  Here are some articles related to the process.  Immersive1st has written hundreds of speeches and will work to ensure the audience hears your voice.