It is estimated that 75% of people fear public speaking plus there is the anxiety caused by having to write the speech that captures a moment in time.  Immersive1st knows how to craft the perfect narrative and communicate key items effectively leaving the audience wanting more.  We work one-on-one to ensure your style is respected, your humor and speech pattern is matched.  In the end it really is your words and delivery that wows and no one need know you had help (unless you tell them!). 

Program Design and Implementation

Attracting and exciting investors and others is the key to a winning campaign. Leveraging the art and science of fundraising effectively to maximize gifts and relationships is our goal. We will identify emotional and practical levers to success and craft the go-to-market mechanics.  We strive to teaches you to ‘fish for yourself’ and develop a sustainable long-term donor bench. Be it a feasibility study, annual, operational, capital, programmatic or legacy campaign – we can help.


Organizational Analysis

Conference Presentations

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Reasonable, achievable, fundable and sustainable (RAFS) are key as you revamp established program or push to create new ones.  We evaluate either modality, facilitate ‘dream & vision’ sessions, review the possibilities and then operationalize next steps in order to meet mission.  We are here to ensure that the resulting outcomes and pro forma are flexible enough to shift with demand.  Let us help you explore opportunities to further leverage and/or create new ideas that ignite engagement. 

Fundraising Solutions

Organizational success is dynamically linked to the quality and passion of the professionals and volunteers at the helm.  Ongoing investment in their growth and development should be an organizational norm and sometimes that means external assistance. 

We can provide focused coaching on issues that require near-term or topic-based growth.  Areas covered include fundraising, governance, structure, supervision, public speaking, executive presence, career transition and acute challenges. 

Coaching and Training

Speech Writing & Delivery

Reflection and review are critical to an organization's well-being.  Frequently the need for dynamic support surfaces during crisis.  We provide hands-on guidance and solutions for issues related to program, fundraising, HR, governance, marketing and operations. 

Outside or during turbulence times we can develop plans and/or undertake a confidential analysis to ensure you are growing, stable, successful and impactful.

Immersive1st is proud to have presented at various conferences and symposium and prides itself in ensuring each session is unique, engaging and fun!  Teaching happens best when the audience is receptive, challenged and engaged and Immersive1st has made this a trademark of its sessions. 

Click here for a list of topics that can be tailor made for your next conference, retreat or training session.  General facilitation services are also offered over and above focused training topics.